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Kick up the backside needed

I started this blog not so long ago and had many plans, none of which have come to fruition due to pure laziness and a lack of desire to write. I intend to change this, but I know full well that each time I have come up with an idea to make me blog more I have fallen flat on my face. I was going to post tonnes about Ediacarans, but it never happened, I was going to keep updating palaeonews, but I get no further than posting a link on Facebook, I was going to blog about my experiences as a museum volunteer and struggling palaeobiology graduate, but I failed at that too (though that is still possible). So this is me, yet again, making plans to change all of that.

I intend to write lots about the Cambrian Explosion, for a few reasons. In no particular order:

1) It is a passion of mine.

2) I attended the Lyell Meeting on the Cambrian diversification earlier this year (the meeting was earlier this year, not the diversification) and learnt a lot, yet never blogged about it.

3) It is a topic which confuses a lot of people and a lot of misinformation is around. I recognise the risk that I might also spread misinformation, as it confuses me a lot too.

4) I’d actually promised someone that I would write some posts summarising some of the information, but never got round to it.

5) The Intelligent Design lot are now blabbing on about the diversification due to the publication of Stephen Meyer’s book¬†Darwin’s Doubt.¬†I’ve seen some of the arguments already and they are full of inaccuracies. I intend to review the book at some point.

6) I’ve decided to write a few articles for different places on the subject, so blogging about it here will aid my writing.

So there, plans I may not live up to, but at least I have written this blog post as a start.


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