I’ve Been Drawing Dinosaurs

For some reason I can’t concentrate on writing, though I have a lot to write about. I recently attended the Walking With Dinosaurs Arena Spectacular, and before that I went to the Lyell Meeting about the Cambrian Explosion, both of which need to be blogged about. I have, however, found myself drawing a fair bit. The most recent picture is this Deinonychus antirrhopus, my first proper attempt a drawing an animal in a pose I chose myself, with plumage I didn’t copy from somewhere.

2013-04-06 23.11.04

I went for a threatening pose, clichéd but deliberate as I have been finding the claims that feathered dinosaurs can’t be cool annoying. There are a couple of details I should change, but over all I am pleased with it. Before that I drew this picture of a dove for my nan’s birthday/Easter.

2013-03-29 19.15.52

Turn away now if you don’t think of birds as dinosaurs, as I have mostly been drawing them. Before the dove I drew these crows (and experimented with colour a bit).

2013-03-21 12.51.36


And before those I drew what is probably my favourite picture so far, also one of my favourite living dinosaurs, this magpie.

2013-03-11 01.49.19


To finish, here are a few dinosaur pictures I drew last year.








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