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More All Yesterdays – videos and competition

In a previous post I discussed the launch of All Yesterdays and its approach to palaeoart. If you are interested you can watch the talks from the launch event online.

Darren Naish’s talk, about artistic stereotypes, the weirdness of real animals, and the palaeoart tradition, can be viewed here:

C.M. Koseman’s talk is about the “lenses of distortion” which go on between an animal and the public, and palaeoart tradition, and can be seen here:

And John Conway’s talk about phylogenetic bracketing and his reconstruction methodology can be seen here.

There’s also a competition. The website states:

“Hi everyone! As Irregular Books, we are holding an All Yesterdays contest for the weirdest, most novel and most imaginative  depictions of extinct animals you can come up with. Feel free to be creative or speculate with caution. Will you focus on details of anatomy? Weird, unexplored niches? Or some quirky type of behavior? Any idea is welcome as long as it is illustrated in some form.

The All Yesterdays team will judge the entries submitted. We are looking for original, creative concepts that are at least partially in-line with our current understanding of extinct animals. Better artwork will be better, but good art in itself is not a guaranteed win.

1st prize winner will get a signed book, two signed prints and four postcards.
The 2nd will get two signed prints and four postcards.
The remaining best 10 will get two signed postcards each.

The deadline is February 28, 2012.
All entries must be submitted through

So hurry, and share your All Yesterdays with the rest of the world!”

I know what I will be drawing over the next two months…


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Happy New Year. Have a video…

I am ridiculously behind on my blogging, I’ll get up to date very soon. But for now, here is a cool little video I just found about man’s relationship with nature.

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