Separate new blog: Shorts and Socks

I’ve decided to start a new blog specifically for any creative writing which I have done. Every so often I write a short story and seem to be very good at losing track of them, so I am storing them all on one blog. On my old Palaeobabbler blog I used to post short stories alongside all the other stuff, but I decided that this one would be more focussed, so I need another place to vent my more creative side. The stories go back several years and vary in quality and theme, check them out if you are interested in the fiction spewed forth from my mind. So far I have also posted a picture I drew, as it has a little story to it, and I posted some nonsensical pretentious poetry. I am considering also sharing some of the cartoons (to use the term loosely) which I have drawn, as they sometimes have narrative, and maybe even song lyrics (including my old spoof death metal band Womb Wounder). Anyway, if you are interested the blog can be found here. I have organised them into categories, which can be found at the bottom, so if you want something specific it should be found easily.

Or if you want to skip to my own favourites, try looking for Harvester of Sorrow, Ghosts in Space, Mathilde, and Mike’s Final Frontier.


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